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About Our Farm

At Timber Mountain Ranch we feel incredibly lucky that we get to do what we love. We love working on our farm and working with animals.  We also love getting to enjoy nature and the outdoors.  Our animals are all bred naturally and are raised as part of our family.  Our puppies are socialized and healthy.  We maintain a clean environment and all of our dogs are vaccinated regularly.  Puppies are started on vaccinations early to protect against Parvovirus and other illnesses. Our puppies are kept in a protected area until their immunity is strong enough to fight diseases on their own.

Our puppies are socialized with playing, and being around adults, children, and other pets. 

They are doggie door trained and introduced to crate training.  

We will continually strive to improve our processes so that we send home the best puppy for your family. 

I can assist in helping you pick out a puppy that is a right fit for your home. 

For more information contact Hal or Traci at htniece@timbermountaindoodles

or Call or Text Now

501-593-1111 or 501-593-1110


As a first time dog owner, I was a little nervous and unsure of the things to look for. Traci Niece was nothing short of extraordinary when helping to explain everything I would need and the best ways to get accustomed to life with a new puppy. Chance is now almost 7 months old and the best dog ever! He is well behaved and has the best temperament, he loves playing with other dogs and humans and is just the most loving dog I've ever met. I cant recommend a better a person to get a puppy from then Traci. -RR - 2017

Back in April of 2017 Dr. recommended my son to have a service dog. We had NO clue where to begin. After looking all over in my home state of California we had no luck or there were to many “red flags”. I turned to FB. There I found Traci! We spoke a few times through messenger and I was reluctant at first. Only because she was so many states away. Sending money was not something I have ever done before. Talked it out with my friend and my husband. Traci shared pictures of the pups with the group and right away my son fell in LOVE with Champ! We moved forward and before we knew it Champ was in my back seat with his new owner. The joy I felt seeing my son hold this cream little fluff ball was overwhelming! The look on his face was like is he mine? Will he love me help me through life? This pup is now 8 months old. Doing amazing at his job and is apart of our family like one of our children. Champs temperament is amazing! His love he gives out is such a joy! The process to get Champ was smooth and I would do it all over again if needed. We would love to get another pup later down the road when Champ is fully trained for his duty. This is my first golden Retriever and I ask myself every day what took me so long to get one. If your looking for a GR I would highly recommend Traci.- CM 10/28/2017

I got my dog Bentley for my 21st birthday back in May. He is hands down the best dog my family has ever had and he’s only 7 months old! I have already trained him to do so many things, he is a certified emotional support dog, and is beyond friendly to anyone he meets. All of my friends at college love taking him on walks and hanging out with him. They even come over when they are stressed out just to come hang out with Bentley. -CR 2017

Our experience buying our Golden Doodle from Timber Mountain was enjoyable. Traci took great care ensuring our new puppy met our needs. During the selection process, she answered all our questions as well as provided a plan for the next set of vaccinations and veterinary care. We are training our new dog to retrieve and she has the intelligence and desire to learn. JS - 2018

We got our sweet Goldendoodle from Timber Mountain Doodles almost 3 months ago. Traci was a pleasure to work with, and has a beautiful farm Her animals get to enjoy. I had a visit one day where I was able to meet the parents of the litter, and came back at another visit to pick out my sweet puppy, Hank. Hank is a very smart, sweet and laid back puppy. I would highly recommend Timber Mountain Doodles if you are searching for your next fur baby! -SW 2018

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